The Respect @ EPFL campaign

Values and attitudes that EPFL wishes to encourage on its campuses and through its missions
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Respect is a central value in the life of our school. Students, teachers, doctoral students, staff members: every day, through our attitude, let’s foster a culture of inclusion, dialogue, responsibility and kindness to put a stop to inappropriate behavior!

In the framework of the Task Force Harassment A-Z & Promoting a Culture of Respect, a communication campaign has been launched at the start of the September 2021 academic year.

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Available material

If you wish to support the campaign, please don’t hesitate to print and display the posters or to order some related goodies.

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New – Phase II

Six posters with the results of the 2021 EPFL survey on harassment, violence and discrimination were deployed in A2 format in December 2021.

Phase I – The Respect Pillars

6 pillars of respect


EQUITY – Equal opportunity makes us brighter

DIVERSITY – Diversity is our strength

DIALOGUE – Listen and dare to speak up

RESPONSIBILITY – Look out for each other

TOLERANCE – Kindness brings serenity

INCLUSION – Together we go further


“Equity” poster (étoile) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Diversity” poster (moulin) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Dialogue” poster (bulles) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Responsibility” poster (oeil) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Tolerance” poster (mains) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Inclusion” poster (papillon) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“All-in-one / keywords” poster (tout) A3
 “All-in-one / messages” poster (tout) A2 / A1 / A0

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For any request concerning the campaign:

Emmanuelle Marendaz Colle
VPT Head of communication

[email protected]

Tel. 021 693 83 21