The Respect @ EPFL campaign

Values and attitudes that EPFL wishes to encourage on its campuses and through its missions
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Respect is a central value in the life of our school. Students, teachers, doctoral students, staff members: every day, through our attitude, let’s foster a culture of inclusion, dialogue, responsibility and kindness to put a stop to inappropriate behavior!

In the framework of the Task Force Harassment A-Z & Promoting a Culture of Respect, a communication campaign has been launched at the start of the September 2021 academic year. This campaign will take place in three phases, the first of which aims to set out the values that the School wishes to promote at all levels.

Until further notice, the current services responsible for handling cases of harassment continue to operate.

Available material

If you wish to support the campaign, please don’t hesitate to print and display the posters or to order some related goodies.

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New – Phase II

Six posters with the results of the 2021 EPFL survey on harassment, violence and discrimination were deployed in A2 format in December 2021.

Phase I – The Respect Pillars

6 pillars of respect


EQUITY – Equal opportunity makes us brighter

DIVERSITY – Diversity is our strength

DIALOGUE – Listen and dare to speak up

RESPONSIBILITY – Look out for each other

TOLERANCE – Kindness brings serenity

INCLUSION – Together we go further


a one-minute movie to present the six values in a cheerful way


“Equity” poster (étoile) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Diversity” poster (moulin) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Dialogue” poster (bulles) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Responsibility” poster (oeil) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Tolerance” poster (mains) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“Inclusion” poster (papillon) A3 / A2 / A1 / A0
“All-in-one / keywords” poster (tout) A3
 “All-in-one / messages” poster (tout) A2 / A1 / A0

Other media

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For any request concerning the campaign:

Emmanuelle Marendaz Colle
VPT Head of communication

[email protected]

Tel. 021 693 83 21