Discrimination is defined as follows:

  • Saying or doing something belittling or unfair to someone on account of their origin, sex, gender identity, sexual or romantic orientation, appearance, age, language, socioeconomic status, lifestyle, or religious, philosophical or political beliefs, because they are disabled, pregnant or breastfeeding, or on similar grounds.
  • A person is said to be discriminated against when they are treated differently from someone else for one of the reasons given above, and when this unequal treatment causes them to feel humiliated or excluded.

Under Article 3 of Switzerland’s Gender Equality Act (GEA), it is illegal to discriminate against employees in matters relating to “hiring, allocation of duties, setting of working conditions, pay, basic and continuing education and training, promotion and dismissal.”

If you’re experiencing discrimination, mobbing, harassment or anything else, talk about it as soon as possible and ask for help.

Procedures for resolving a case of psychological or sexual harassment: informal resolution or formal complaint.