Services to EPFL laboratories

EPFL central services provide comprehensive support to our laboratories, ensuring researchers have the means to excel in a stimulating, ambitious, diverse and welcoming community.
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Support, coordination and development

The main mission of EPFL research central services is to help and guide researchers in (i) the acquisition of research funding, (ii), the transfer to practice of EPFL inventions, (iii) the provision of a cutting-edge research infrastructure, (iv) the legal and ethical conformity of research projects and (v) the opening of EPFL’s research output to the world. Find below the main categories of services provided to the research community.

Project implementation

research funding opportunities

Find funding and prepare your proposal

Understand which funding programs can support you and download toolkits to prepare your applications.

manage your project services research epfl

Manage your project

Understand what must be done to manage your project and get access to the internal tools and database.

disclose protect patent licences tech transfer research services epfl

Disclose and protect your IP

Understand how to protect and license your intellectual property (IP).

Project Valorisation

publish scientific results research services epfl

Publish your scientific results

Get support to publish your scientific results.

Commercialize research tech transfer services epfl

Commercialize your research

Get support to accelerate the development of your technology through the enable program.


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