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Have you earned your spurs as a young researcher and come up with an idea for developing your research results into a marketable product?

The CYD Fellowships is a talent program for cyber-defence research.  It offers Master Thesis, Doctoral, and Distinguished Postdoctoral fellowships to candidates with an outstanding academic and, if applicable, professional track record.

CYD proof of concept Fellowships aim to support applied research leading towards an innovative product or service with the intention of making a real impact and evaluating the potential for commercialization of such products or services.

EPFL’s Doc.Mobility is the successor to the SNSF’s Doc.Mobility instrument, which was discontinued at the end of 2020. As such, this programme is jointly funded by Swissuniversities and EPFL and offers mobility grants to doctoral students who wish to carry out a research stay abroad in order to acquire more in-depth scientific knowledge, develop their scientific network and progress in their thesis within the scope of the awarded mobility.

The Doc.Mobility EPFL grant is awarded for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months.

EPFL researchers can apply for a short-term research exchange at Stanford University. he EPFL-Stanford Exchange Programme seeks to foster long-term collaborations between researchers of the two institutions in a variety of life science fields, with a particular emphasis on chemical biology and neuroscience.


Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are available to post-graduate researchers from over 180 other countries in any discipline who are planning to come to Switzerland to pursue research or further studies at pre-doctoral, doctoral or post-doctoral level. Each application must be backed by a professor.

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