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   cultivating inner life,
      reflexion and conviviality

This video will give you an overview of our activities for this semester


Need to talk or want a meeting. We are here. To get in touch: [email protected]


On February 24, on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, we are organizing a moment of contemplation for peace at 5:15 pm at the Geode, CM 1545 link


Cultivate your inner life

Every week:

  • Mindfulness meditation link
  • a Eucharist link
  • the Taizé Prayer link

During the semester:

  • a Weekend in Taizé link

Discovery, meet, learn, fellowship, sport and music

Each week:

During the semester:

  • Aum’art link
  • Soccer with refugees link
  • Visiting religious communities (learning about religions) link
  • Be invited at someones place for a meal ConneXion link


  • Ethnoël. End of semester party link

The entire program in pdf Program Autumn Semester 2022

The chaplains’ team: Xavier G-T, Martina S, Justyna L, , Anouk T, Alexandre M, Giovanni P.

A meeting with a member of the chaplaincy is possible at any time: [email protected]
Alexandre: 077 415 7548
Giovanni: 021 617 22 78
Xavier: 078 875 3115

You can also contact our chaplaincy colleagues at UNIL

We have some activities that take place only in French; a bible study, ethics discussions, conference etc. If you want to take part to it with you level of French, you are welcome. Switch to our Fr version of the website. And if you wish to develop one of these activities in English with us, let’s do it.

Have a good start of the semester!

Alexandre, Giovanni & Xavier

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Chaplaincy in brief


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Places that are available to the students

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Chaplaincy in brief


Alexandre Mayor

Alexandre Mayor

Protestant Chaplain