ConneXion (guest)

Meet and eat with “locals” and people who have been living in Lausanne for at least 4 years

You come from abroad and just arrived in Switzerland. Or you have been here for a while but didnt’ have too many occasions to meet with “locals”. Then ConneXion is for you. It gives you the opportunity to meet with natives or people who lived here a little longer than you (at least for years here). These people are ready to open their home’s door and to invite you for a meal for the pleasure of cultural exchange. They can be students, PhD’s, but also older working people or even retired persons. They will receive you at home, alone or as a couple, or in their family.

If you are curious enough just fill this form. You will then be contacted by someone who will invite you for a meal (it might take a little while; please be patient).
In a second time, the host can propose an outing of his choice to his guest (you).

Hope you will enjoy it. Be very welcome in Lausanne!!!


Chaplain at EPFL

For questions or feedback: mail