Stratégie 2020 de la durabilité à l'EPFL

Our strategy

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Towards carbon neutrality for the campus in 2020, with sustainability integrated throughout the organization, exemplary concrete projects and community participation.

Flagship projects on campus

  • Complete renovation of the Heating Plant for 100% renewable energy in 2021
  • Largest urban solar park in Switzerland
  • Exemplary commuting and business mobility plans
  • Deployment of washable dishes throughout the campus
  • Biodiversity-certified outdoor landscaping
  • An active community within the Act for Change programme and concrete projects in Act for Change Lab

Towards strong sustainability

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Three examples amongst others

Living Lab

EPFL is becoming a living laboratory for social and environmental transition.


More and more curricula and laboratories are integrating sustainability into their programmes.

communauté à l'EPFL


A vibrant and active community for sustainability issues.

Concrete solutions by theme

Curry von oben


The emergence of vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as 0-waste eating.

Mobilité à l'EPFL


A Commuting Mobility Plan since 2015 and a Business Mobility Plan in preparation for 2019.


100% renewable energy for heating, cooling and electricity in 2021.

Biodiversité à l'EPFL


Ever more biodiverse, aesthetic and user-friendly outdoor landscaping.

collecteur de dechets


A recycling rate of 71% and the deployment of a new waste-collection system.


The integration of demanding sustainability criteria in calls for tenders.

About us

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The team


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