Thanks to its interdisciplinary team, EPFL Sustainability supports and encourages EPFL’s key stakeholders to make the critical transition towards sustainability within their own entities. EPFL Sustainability strives to turn the campus into a living lab and responsible community, in particular by fostering and supporting student involvement.
EPFL campus : view on trees and Agora by Niels Ackermann, Lundi13

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In recent years, awareness of climate and environmental issues has been heightened. EPFL, a recognized higher education institution and public entity, has a leading role to play in addressing these issues.

EPFL Sustainability collaborates closely with the EPFL Presidency, Vice-presidencies, Schools, Colleges and central services towards embedding EPFL’s strategic sustainability goals across campus operations, education and innovation, as well as in its research, outreach and international collaborations.

The Sustainability Unit is attached to the Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation (VPT).

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