“Old but Gold” contest

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Win tickets to Balelec and gift baskets by showing that your smartphone isn’t the latest generation – quite the contrary!

Did you know that there is around 100 times more gold in a ton of electronic waste than in a ton of gold ore?

Up to 70 different materials and 50 different metals are present in a smartphone, including precious metals such as gold and silver, and rare and special metals such as tantalum, palladium, neodymium and others.

However, of all the materials used in our cell phones, only around twenty can be recycled today.

Knowing that the manufacture of a smartphone accounts for 80% of its environmental footprint, depleting and polluting the soil and water of increasingly vast regions, extending the life of this equipment and avoiding buying a new one are the best ways of reducing this impact.

This year, instead of buying a brand-new cell phone during Black Friday or asking for one for Christmas, what if you decided to keep your good old phone?

Enter our contest and win Balelec tickets and gift baskets by answering a few questions. The three people with the oldest devices will win a prize. There will also be prizes to be won by random draw among people with a cell phone older than four years, and prizes drawn among all those who answered the questionnaire. Finally, there will still be a chance to win one of these prizes during games organized on the day of the prize-giving ceremony.

To be considered “valid”, the cell phone must be functional and be the primary phone used by the participant.

Prizes will be awarded at noon on December 15 at the AGEPoly Advent Chalets on the Esplanade.


Rules of the contest is available here.

Answers due by December 8, 2023 at noon.

Contest reserved for the EPFL community (student body, scientific and teaching staff, administrative and technical staff) with an @epfl.ch e-mail address. Only one entry per person authorized. The data collected will be anonymized after the competition and used for research into responsible digital use at EPFL.

The age of the smartphone will be verified by the Point Smart team, who will also check that the device has been used regularly up to now, to avoid any fraud with old devices sitting in a drawer.

Long live our mobiles!


And if you still have to part with your old smartphone…

Find out more about the local refurbishing and recycling optimization association NoOPS (No Obsolescence Programmée Suisse), and watch out for other sites and projects that offer to take back your device without being transparent about the route it will take.