Sustainability Team

Created in 2008, the Sustainability unit evolved throughout the years. Part of the Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation since 2021, it gradually incorporated new missions and held new responsibilities, in conjunction with the EPFL Climat and Sustainability Strategy.

Education group

Jacopo Grazioli © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Jacopo GRAZIOLIHead of team –
Sustainability in education
Siroune DER SARKISSIAN © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Siroune DER SARKISSIANSustainability project officer in education
Michka MELO © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Michka MÉLOSustainability coach
Melanie Studer @ EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Melanie STUDERSustainability project officer in education

Operations group

Aurore NEMBRINIHead of team – Sustainability operations, nutrition
Hugo Cruz @ EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Hugo CRUZData analyst
Manuel Cubero-Castan © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi 13Manuel CUBERO-CASTANSustainability project manager in digital responsibility
Claire Saout © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Claire SAOUTSustainability project officer in procurement and waste management

Mobility group

Luca FONTANA © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Luca FONTANAHead of team –
Mobility, Campus Piéton project
Mayeul BARTHES © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Mayeul BARTHESHead of Point Vélo
Alexia Couturier © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Alexia COUTURIERSustainability project officer in mobility
Luca Pellandini © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Luca PELLANDINISustainability project assistant in mobility

Outdoor spaces group

François DUPUY © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13François DUPUYHead of team –
Outdoor spaces, Campus Piéton project
Vincent CONSTANTINSustainability project officer in outdoor spaces
Alexandre St Amour © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13Alexandre ST-AMOURSustainability project officer in outdoor spaces

Research and Innovation issues

Dimitrios NOUKAKISFollow up of the Climate & Sustainability Strategy

Community involvement

Guillaume RUEFFProjet manager


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Unit Sustainability
BS 101 (BS Building)
Station 4
CH-1015 Lausanne

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