Cllimate Fresk

The fresks are fun, collaborative and creative workshops meant to raise awareness about environmental issues, and based on collective intelligence.

The following workshops are available: the Climate Fresk to raise awareness about climate change, the Biodiversity Collage to focus on biodiversity issues, and the Digital Collage to showcase the impacts of digital.

The fresks are based on scientific reports, for example the Climate Fresk uses data from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

The quality of the scientific data makes the activity particularly suitable for the EPFL community as a way to improve their knowledge on the subject, to develop a systemic vision of the issues while meeting new people in a pleasant environment! 


Because the climate and environmental emergency requires us to change the trajectory very quickly, and for that we need to raise awareness in our community because nothing will be done if we don’t know why we are doing it.

For whom?

Everyone is concerned by this emergency, so everyone can learn about the issues with the help of the fresks. These workshops are designed for both novices and experts: the former will discover the subject and deconstruct their prejudices, while the latter will deepen and structure their knowledge.


The participants discover the cards of the game, they think together about how to link them and thus highlight the causes and consequences of climate change, of our impacts on biodiversity or on our digital uses, depending on the type of Fresk.

After identifying the causes, mechanisms and consequences, the participants draw links and customize their fresk.

After a joint diagnosis, it’s time for discussions. The objective? To share feelings and reflect on collective solutions, to encourage the shift into action!


Register now for the next Fresk on the EPFL campus with members of the Zero Emission Group! The registration form can be found below with the dates of the next workshops.

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Alice Klein, Coresponsable Fresques de Zero Emission Group, [email protected]

Louis Cousturian, Coresponsable Fresques de Zero Emission Group, [email protected]