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Air travel makes up around a third of our carbon footprint. We have therefore made it a priority to reduce our travel-related emissions. Let us travel a more sustainable way!
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Meeting peers at international events is an essential element of the research process, giving scientists and engineers an opportunity to share their ideas, build professional networks and boost their visibility.

To achieve its climate objectives, EPFL has implemented Travel policy aiming to reduce international travel-related emissions by at least 30% by 2030 (from 2019 levels).

Therefore, the School works for raising awareness among the EPFL community about carbon impact of air travel, promoting actively the use of trains in Europe, upgrading its videoconferencing systems to reduce intercontinental flights, as well as improving its travel planning services in order to help the community to make more sustainable travel plans, especially with the central travel agency.

Travel policy and climate impact

Travel policy

Our new travel policy aims to reduce our travel-related emissions while also continuing to provide our community with high-quality services.

Travel climate impact

Business travel makes up more than a third of our total carbon emissions, which is more than the energy consumption-related emissions of the campus.

Exhibition on the carbon footprint of air travel

A three-dimensional exhibition on the climate impact of air travel showed facts and figures in 2023. Find out more about this campaign.

Planning your trip

EPFL Travel agency

Kuoni Business Travel (DER Touristik Suisse) is the new EPFL central travel agency which is the only possible booking channel for air travel. Find out the EPFL procedures and services here.

Travelling by train

EPFL encourages the use of public transport for business trips. Several offers and services are available for EPFL staff and students who travel within Switzerland or abroad.

Travel by car

Find out more about our offer and conditions for using car-sharing, rental or private vehicles for business or associative purposes.

Others travel-related topics


Find out more about booking accomodation, whether in a hotel, a private home or in an apartment for trips in Switzerland or abroad.

Risks related to business and educational travel

Consult our pages dedicated to security risks including all information about planning your trip and the travel assistance program.

Expense Management Tool

The Expense Management Tool enables all EPFL employees to manage the entire travel accounting process, from travel request to expense reimbursement.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions


Find out the answers to your main questions about business travel. [Page under construction]