Public transportation

EPFL TL Metro Station At Sunset Time
EPFL tl Metro Station At Sunset Time © Karim Kanoun

EPFL aims to reduce CO2 emissions from commuting by more than 30% by 2030 compared to 2019. The School encourages members of the community to use public transport for home-campus travel.

tl sales point at EPFL

The aim of the tl sales point is to encourage the use of more sustainable transport and to promote public transport products and services.

The following services are offered:

  • Sales and advice on Mobilis tariff community products
  • Sales and advice on SBB Direct Service (DS) services, i.e. tickets and season tickets for Swiss public transport
  • Sales and advice on international train tickets
  • Information on network developments and public transport products

The tl point of sale is located at the Reception desk (CM 1364) on the Esplanade.

Phone: +41 (0)21 621 01 11

Monday to Friday: 9am–1pm and 1:30pm–4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: closed

Metro and bus

The Lausanne campus is connected to surrounding towns by the M1 metro and tl and MBC buses. It is located close to the Renens, Malley, Morges and Lausanne train stations.

With the Mobilis day pass, you can order one or more trips up to 60 days in advance. Passes are valid in all Mobilis zones and do not require a SwissPass.

Some municipalities (including Lausanne, Epalinges, Ecublens, Chavannes-près-Renens) subsidize public transport passes for students. Please contact your municipality for more information.

The M1 metro line connects the Lausanne campus to Renens and central Lausanne. The 31 bus crosses the campus in the direction of Renens or Saint Sulpice. Schedules, routes and tickets are available on the tl app or website.

The 701 bus connects the Lausanne campus to the central Morges and Bourdonnette. The 705 bus serves the western part of Lausanne in the direction of Lonay. Schedules, routes and tickets are available on the MBC website.

The Renens, Malley, Morges and Lausanne train stations are the closest ones to the Lausanne campus. Train schedules, routes and tickets can be found on the SBB mobile app or website.

Subsidies and discounts

To encourage the use of this transport, EPFL offers EPFL staff several discounts on the purchase of national public transport passes.

EPFL employees working at least half-time under a contract for at least 12 months are entitled to a free half-fare travelcard from the Swiss Railway Company (SBB). → Learn more

All EPFL employees are entitled to a 25% discount on the purchase of a second-class Swiss-wide (GA) travelcard or a 15% discount for first-class. → Learn more

EPFL employes can apply for a 25% subsidy (in the form of a voucher) on the purchase of a monthly or annual regional travelcard. You can apply for the voucher on myCamipro, under the “Public transport” tab. Vouchers can be used at any corresponding point of sale.

  • EPFL Lausanne campus
    Mobilis (including FlexiAbo travelcards), including zone 12
  • EPFL Neuchâtel
    Onde Verte, including zone 10.
  • EPFL Valais/Wallis
    Bus Sédunois or CarPostal passes, including Sion (there are no fare zones in Valais)
  • EPFL Geneva
    Unireso/LemanPass, including zone 10.
  • EPFL Fribourg
    Frimobil, including zone 10.