Pedestrians and reduced mobility

According to the latest EPFL mobility survey, a significant proportion of the EPFL community commutes on foot (15% of students and 6% of staff).

As part of the EPFL Climate and Sustainability Strategy, the School has set itself the objective of developing integrated, continuous and safe pedestrian infrastructures, as well as designing and implementing an action plan to guarantee universal accessibility of the campus.

The “Campus Piéton” project aims to return public space to the EPFL community by creating new places where people can socialise, meet and relax, while encouraging active mobility.

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The aim of the “EPFL without Barriers” project is to enable everyone to move around the campus freely and independently by implementing a range of measures and facilities to improve perception (safety, well-being) and comfort (street furniture, etc.).

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Facilities for reduced mobility

The interactive map lists existing infrastructure and facilities adapted for reduced mobility:

Discover the best routes to reach the campus on foot from the main public transport hubs :


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