At EPFL, our core mission is training the next generation of engineers, scientists and architects. Our cutting-edge programs are recognized around the world.

We offer students and faculty an innovation-oriented environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in a cosmopolitan setting. And because we believe in learning by doing, our degree programs place a heavy emphasis on lab sessions and hands-on workshops with direct research applications.

We strive to give students solid technical skills combined with a sound basis in computational thinking. But that’s not all – we also encourage them to develop their imagination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit through cross-disciplinary projects.

Practical Information

Applying to EPFL

Learn more about our admission criteria and application process (for our preparatory classes and Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs), as well as our programs for refugees and class auditors.

Study management

Get detailed information about the services and assistance we offer students, along with the rules and guidelines you’ll have to follow while at EPFL. You’ll also learn about our new student orientation program.


Interested in doing an exchange term abroad? Or coming to EPFL as an exchange student or researcher? This section will tell you more.

Education and Science Outreach

We regularly hold campus visits and information sessions about our various degree programs, and we coordinate a number of activities to promote scientific discovery.

Educational research

We encourage pioneering educational research and leverage the latest technology to ensure our teaching methods are suited to the needs of today’s students.


Our innovative teaching methods have been developed in response to recent societal shifts and advancements in educational research. All our instructors are highly qualified and benefit from a wide range of assistance and support.

Academic calendar

This calendar is a general overview of the unfolding of the Bachelor’s and Master’s semesters and exam sessions.