Studying abroad

EPFL strongly encourages you to benefit from its numerous mobility opportunities, whether by undertaking a traditional exchange or completing your Master’s thesis in another institution.

Beyond allowing you to discover a new educational system, an international exchange offers you the unique opportunity to spend part of your curriculum in another institution and discover new pedagogical approaches, both of which will give real added value to your academic career. Such an experience also allows you to gain international experience and master another language through real immersion, assets that will enable you to significantly enhance your employability.

Leaving your comfort zone and setting ambitious objectives allows you to know yourself better and become more autonomous. Building a network of useful contacts for your future, experiencing other cultures and widening your vision of the world will also open up new possibilities.

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The Education Outreach Department (SPE) manages the inter-institutional partnerships and works hand in hand with the Registrar’s Office’s (SAC) Mobility Office, which is in charge of all practical aspects relating to student mobility, in order to make exchanges a success.

Each field of study also has an academic exchanges advisor who will give you information about the academic aspects of an exchange and the development of your individual study plan.

SPE is also in charge of giving visibility to the ad hoc study abroad programs and opportunities offered by EPFL’s partner institutions.

During the 3rd year of your Bachelor’s, you may study at one of EPFL’s many partner universities without interrupting your studies, as credits obtained abroad will be recognized.

EPFL offers you the possibility to complete your curriculum abroad by undertaking your Master’s project at either a partner or a non-partner university.

EPFL offers certain students with outstanding academic records the unique opportunity to follow a double diploma or a joint degree course.

Expand your horizon by joining a global opportunity at one of our partner universities during your break.

Are you thinking of your next academic career move? Looking at graduate studies opportunities abroad might bring you new prospects.

Discover the various possibilities of financial support to study abroad, offered by EPFL as well as other partners and foundations.


Are you in the 2nd year of your Bachelor’s degree and interested in a student exchange? Learn everything about studying abroad from the Education Outreach Department and the Student Exchange Office at their annual Study Abroad Fair.

The next edition: October 2024. The exact date to be confirmed.

Meeting a host institution

September 2022

  • Centrale Lille, France, Explore Centrale Lille, Introductory Virtual Webinar, 23 September, 1:00 to 2:00 pm, registration required (more information at [email protected])

March 2022

  • University of Waterloo, Canada, Online Information Session, 1 March

February 2022

  • University of Sydney, Australia, Online Study Abroad Info Sessions, 7, 9 and 11 February

January 2022

  • INSA Lyon, France, Online Open Day, 29 January, 9am-6pm

December 2021

  • Centrale Lille, France, Explore Centrale Lille, Introductory Virtual Webinar on Double Degrees and Exchange Opportunities, 2 December at 12:30 pm

October 2021

  • City University of Hong Kong, Virtual Information Session via Zoom, 15 October at 11:00 am

October 2020

  • University of Sydney, Australia, Virtual Information Session via Zoom, October 7 or 13
  • École Polytechnique, Paris, France, Virtual Open Day, October 10