Uncredited summer opportunities

Expand your horizon by joining a global opportunity at one of our partner universities during your break.

Our partners offer programs such as summer schools, hackathons or research internships that allow you to gain new skills and exposure as well as get a taste of studying abroad. Below a few examples of global opportunities.

Please note that all of the global opportunities proposed on this webpage are non-credited. Even if the program offers credits you will not be able to transfer them to EPFL.

Summer courses for both graduate and undergraduate students. In principle, 30% fee reduction for EPFL students.

Selection of summer programs to cater to the students’ various academic and personal interests.

Intensive five-week summer program offering a variety of topics ranging from economics and business management to history, politics, sociology, and arts.

Dresden Microelectronics Academy: one-week summer school for advanced students (Master/PhD/postdoc).

Connecting Female Scientists – Energy storage systems: summer school for female PhD-students, postdoctoral researchers and students near the end of their studies.

Four-week experience for international undergraduate students.

Summer school open to students with a background and interest in Architecture, Cultural management, Urbanism.

Three-​month research stay in South Korea for Switzerland-​based researchers.


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