Students’ reports

Read the reports of EPFL students who have studied abroad to get a better idea of the universities that interest you and to find out more about their experiences on exchange.

Access to these files is granted only to people who have a valid EPFL ID (Gaspar account). Furthermore, accessing this ressource requires a stong authentification, you may find on this webpage information on how to set it up.

Click here to access the reports. The field “username” needs to be completed as follows: INTRANET\ followed by your username.

These reports were written by EPFL students who have returned from an exchange, based on a guideline given by the Student Exchange Office. The reports are named as follow: University-EPFL section-academic year-students’ initial (e.g. AachenInfo21-22FB = Aachen – informatique – 2021-2022 – FB).

Please note that the information you will find in these reports is indicative and may change from one academic year to the next depending on the requirements and conditions of the exchange programmes at the partner universities, as well as in the host country (for example for access to courses, the visa procedures, etc.).