Questions and Answers

No, we ask that you do not contact the professors directly concerning your application at this stage. Should you be selected for the program, the Research Internship Program Committee will work on your placement.

Your letter should address both: your qualifications, but also a brief explanation of why you have applied to your selected laboratories. In your motivation letter you could add the following:

  • why would you like to undertake a research internship at EPFL
  • why have you selected the laboratory(ies) / professor(s) that you did
  • what are your future personal / study / research / professional objectives
  • do you have an potential interest in undertaking a student exchange at EPFL (semester or year)
  • why would you like to come to Switzerland
  • do you have a possible interest in learning French

What counts is that the two academic years are being reflected. You can send one document with the final grades of the three years of study at your current university. If you are currently a third year student, you could send one transcript with the two academic years being reflected.

Both are absolutely fine. Choose what is best in your opinion.

At the time of undertaking your research internship you need to be a:

  • Bachelor student: 3rd and 4th year.
  • Masters student: 1st and 2nd year.