Eligibility criteria

The Excellence Research Internship Program is open to outstanding students (top 10%) from one of the program’s North American, UK and Singapore partner universities only. More information on this page.

At the time of undertaking your Excellence Research Internship you need to have completed your 2nd year of Bachelor (undergraduate) studies. Therefore, you are eligible if you are a:

  • 2nd year Bachelor/Undergraduate student when you apply but have completed your 2nd year when you start your internship
  • 3rd or 4th year Bachelor/Undergraduate student

Master’s degree students are not eligible to the Excellence Research Internship Program.

Please note that you have to be enrolled as a student when you complete your internship. More information on this page.

Please contact your home institution international exchange office or study abroad office. They will guide you through your university’s own criteria to be nominated for the Excellence Research Internship Program.

Application file

The reference letters must be received by December 10th latest.

You can send your official transcripts to the following email address: [email protected]
We will directly add them to your online application file.

The average length of the Excellence Research internship is about twelve weeks.

An internship can last up to four months if it is part of the student’s home university-accredited projects. In this case, a proof must be attached to the application form.

Please note that the Excellence scholarship provided for the Excellence Research Internship is for a maximum of four months. If the length of your internship is over four months, the exceeding period will not be covered by the scholarship.

No, you should not directly contact the professors concerning your application. Should you be selected for the program, the Excellence Research Internship Program Committee will work on your placement.