Preparation of the application

Before starting the online application, please prepare the following information and documents:

List the courses you plan to attend at EPFL. Your learning agreement will be based on the current study plans and may change by the time your exchange starts due to schedule conflicts or study plans modifications. You are authorized to attend courses in different faculties (except in Management of Technology) and at different levels (Bachelor and Master) as far as you meet the required prerequisites. Your learning agreement must include between 20-30 ECTS per semester. Should you have any academic questions (courses, credits, etc…), your section’s academic exchange advisor may help you with it. The list of restricted courses is available here.

Name, first name and email address of the exchange/international coordinator of your home university responsible for confirming your selection for the exchange and your study plan.

Scanned passport photo (ratio 3/4, 3.5 x 4.5 cm, jpeg format, less than 2MB).

Scanned copy of your passport or ID card (pdf format, less than 1MB).

For the project, it is important that you are aware of the conditions you will find on this page.

If you would like to attend courses during the 1st semester followed by a project at EPFL during the 2nd semester and that you have already found an EPFL professor who has agreed to supervise your project, please select both fields “courses” and “project” in the online application form.

If however, you have not yet found an EPFL professor, kindly select only the field “courses” and then mention “project during the 2nd semester” on the list of courses in the online application. Once you have been accepted by a professor, kindly inform the Student Exchange Office of the name of the EPFL professor and the dates of your project, no later than two months before your project starts.