Excellence Research Internship Program

EPFL offers Excellence Research Internships in cutting-edge laboratories to highly qualified students from the program’s partner institutions who are looking for a stimulating and supervised practical experience at a leading university.

EPFL ranks as one of the most successful institutions in Europe. Its pioneering and interdisciplinary spirit, coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructures, attracts leading scientists from around the world. Today, EPFL is developing into one of the most innovative and scientifically productive institutions. The vitality of home-grown entrepreneurs and the international networks established with other centers of excellence reinforce this innovative spirit. EPFL’s Excellence Research Internship Program offers the opportunity to outstanding students to experience research during three to four months in this stimulating environment.

Excellence Research Internships are a unique chance to …

… expand knowledge and explore new or alternative fields

… specialize within a specific scientific subject

… gain experience in a cutting-edge lab and boost career prospects

… work and interact with first-rate researchers

… discover a new exciting university and its renowned professors

… enlarge experience in a scenic country and discover a new culture

… get a taste of what graduate studies could be at EPFL

Research at EPFL

The creativity and rigor of EPFL’s scientists is astounding in a wide variety of areas, such as environment, energy, health, engineering, basic sciences, robotics or information technology. Equally impressive are collaborations between researchers in all areas, combining their expertise to provide solutions to practical problems. EPFL has long advocated interdisciplinarity, and it is clear today that the major issues of our times will only be solved when biologists, computer scientists, civil engineers, and mathematicians are able to speak the same language and work toward a common goal.

Barbara Lima

I gained both academic knowledge and knowledge about the world around me.

Barbara Lima, MIT

All in all I had a great time with MISTI Switzerland and the EPFL Excellence Research Internship Program, learning not only while I was in the lab, but also outside it. I ventured into an academic field that I had no previous experience with and a country I did not know well, and as a result I gained both academic knowledge and knowledge about the world around me and myself.

I hope to continue developing my knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy and use all that I have learned to further improve myself and give back to society.

Barbara Lima, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, intern at the Photovoltaics and Thin Film Electronics Laboratory PV-LAB, EPFL

The candidates selected for the Excellence Research Internship Program benefit from EPFL’s outstanding facilities for research while enjoying the School’s vibrant campus situated in a breathtaking setting on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps. As for Lausanne, it is a small town with plenty to offer to culture buffs, gourmets, night owls or daydreamers. lt is also a perfect base camp for weekend excursions to attractions in Switzerland or to European capitals.

Eligibility & application

The ERIP is open to outstanding students from partner universities.


The FAQs contains answers to recurrent questions on the program and admissions.

Testimonials and Reviews

Participants’ testimonials

Read about the interns’ experiences while working with researchers but also independently on exciting projects in areas such as health, environment, engineering, basic science or information technology.

From an internship to EPFL graduate studies

Former interns explain why they felt valued in the Excellence Research Internship Program, what impact their contributions had, and why they returned to EPFL for their Master’s degree or PhD.

The interns’ blog

Are you interested in EPFL’s Excellence Research Internship Program? Read about current and former research interns’ experiences on and off campus in their blog and discover why this unique experience could be just what you are looking for.

Combining an internship with an exchange program

Candidates who are interested in a student exchange program can consider combining their exchange semester with a research internship (before or after the exchange semester). Interested students from a partner university should contact their home university international exchange office to confirm this option, and then send an email to [email protected].

During the Bachelor’s studies, courses are mostly taught in French during the 1st and 2nd year. The number of courses taught in English increases during the 3rd year (see courses taught in English). During the Master’s studies, most courses are taught in English.