Architecture Sophie Lufkin 
Chemical Engineering Kevin Sivula 
Chemistry Kay Severin
Civil Engineering Pascal Turberg
Communication Systems Jean-Luc Benz
Computer Science Jean-Luc Benz
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Philippe Gay-Balmaz 
Environmental Sciences & Engineering Pierre-Yves Gilliéron
Life Sciences Engineering Igor Allaman 
Materials Science and Engineering  Cyril Cayron
Mathematics Thomas Mountford
Mechanical Engineering Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate 
Micro Engineering Sebastian Gautsch 
Physics  Laurent Villard

Luisa Pizzillo responsible for exchange students to:
Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey

Coralie Link responsible for exchange students to:
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, the United States

Béatrice Hernandez responsible for exchange students to:
Belgium, Ireland, the United Kingdom, China, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Norway, Singapore, Sweden

To access these files you need to enter your EPFL ID (Gaspar account). The field “username” needs to be completed as follow: INTRANET\ followed by the username.

You can find on this link the lists of students currently on student exchange or who have returned from their exchange, as well as the list of the incoming students who are currently on exchange at EPFL. Feel free to contact them for any questions related to their exchange or their home institution.

Once you have been selected for a destination, please contact your host university directly for any questions specific to their exchange registration system, the follow-up of your acceptance letter or the registration for student accommodation on site.

Do not hesitate to contact the social consultation: [email protected]

Please contact the student services desk.