International partners

International is part of EPFL’s DNA in many aspects such as its diverse community or its internationally recognized research.

EPFL engages in the international education community to build key partnerships, strengthen international networks and share best practices. With over 150 international exchange and double degree agreements, EPFL offers its students a large selection of study abroad destinations. Students from partner institutions also have the opportunity to study on the EPFL campus.


The Education Outreach Department and the Student Exchange Office were pleased to welcome the second year EPFL students on 13 October 2020 to the virtual edition of the 2020 Study Abroad Fair to present several student exchange destinations. The next edition will take place in autumn 2021.

Further information

In the context of its 50th anniversary, EPFL hosted in September 2019 the 1st EuroTech Partner Days.

During the EuroTech Partner Days, EPFL joins forces with the five other EuroTech Universities Alliance members:

The six members offer one unique common event aimed at their partners. Each year, the Partner Days takes place on a different EuroTech campus. Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will be hosting the next edition on 5-6 September 2021 .

Further information on the EuroTech Partner Days

EPFL participates in many international fairs or Swiss Embassy events with representatives and/or exchange students.

These fairs offer an excellent occasion to present EPFL to students interested in student exchanges, research internships, Master’s thesis or PhD studies. They also offer a great opportunity to strengthen and deepen key partnerships.

The Education Outreach Department selectively participates in the main international education conferences in North America (NAFSA) and in Europe (EAIE) organized for professionals active in this field.

These events offer an efficient way to connect with various international partners all at once and to develop and reinforce international partnerships in education.

International student mobility

Studying abroad – coming to EPFL

EPFL encourages mobility among its students, whether in traditional exchanges or through the completion of a Master’s project in a partner institution. Each year, EPFL also enables students from partner institutions to complete an exchange semester or a project in a laboratory.