Science Outreach Department

Our actions aim to promote science and technology for children and for the general public and to contribute to the next generation of scientists, technicians and engineers in Switzerland. We organise scientific and technical activities for children, teenagers, school classes and the general public.

Our Mission

We promote science and technology among the younger audience through targeted and concrete actions. We inspire them to get involved in the STEM disciplines from an early age and thus building up tomorrow’s women and men scientists, technicians and engineers in Switzerland.

We spread scientific and technological knowledge to the general public so that scientific knowledge and issues are better understood by society.

Our programme, “Les Sciences, ça m’intéresse,” is based on an active and playful educational approach that awakens interest in science and technology, cultivates creativity and promotes the acquisition of scientific thinking and new knowledge in STEM fields. It is being implemented in many Swiss Cantons.

The programme includes actions that specifically encourage girls while raising awareness among parents and teachers on gender issues and the need for more women in STEM fields.

STEM Activities by Target Groups

EPFL Science Outreach Activities in Switzerland

Decentralized Actions

We organize STEM activities in several cities in Switzerland in collaboration with our partners


Institutions sharing our Values and Objectives

The Science Outreach Department collaborates with partners sharing the same objectives and values as itself, such as the accessibility of activities without discrimination and the deployment of actions within Switzerland.

Most partners are mentioned in the related project or activity page related to the project/activity concerned.  The partners mentioned hereafter are exceptions since they are not sharing a specific activity or project.  

The Science Outreach Department closely works within EPFL with researchers, Faculties, Sections and other Services.

The collaboration with other EPFL sites in other cantons is also very valuable for example for the decentralized organization of the EPFL Science Festival or STEM courses for youngsters. 

Logo Leister
The Leister Foundation has been generously funding two weeks of the EPFL Bus Les sciences, ça m’intéresse (fr) each year since 2012, and funded three of them in 2011.
Logo SimplyScience
The SimplyScience Foundation is our exclusive sponsor for our Science Contest for Youth(fr) since 2013. The Foundation shares other activities with the Science Outreach Department and, last but not least, is the host of its two representatives for the French-speaking Switzerland.

Several events such as the  EPFL Science Festival, or projects such as the  Coding Club for Girls (fr) benefit from sponsorship and funding from generous partners. These partnerships are mentioned and thanked in the related pages.



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