Education Outreach Department (SPE)

Bring together national and international partners around the core missions of EPFL; help our prospective Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students make informed choices about their curriculum in order to follow their ambitions; ensure good visibility of all EPFL study programs, both on the academic scene and among all partners in the education field; take action upstream in order to allow a smooth transition from secondary school to EPFL: these are the key objectives of the Education Outreach Department.

Our mission

Accompanying our various audiences in their curriculum choices requires coordinated actions throughout their education, enabling them to make an informed choice and start their studies in the best possible conditions.

Some future students are motivated by their ambition to take up the scientific challenges that our society faces; others follow their will to achieve a study program that will open up new horizons; some more are driven by science as an intrinsic interest. Whichever motivation these young people show, we commit ourselves to ensure that all of them benefit from quality teaching and find information that is helpful for their decision-making process every step of the way.

Therefore, we act at various levels, in order for students to benefit from innovative education and be sensitized to scientific and technical topics, as well as diversity. In parallel, we make sure that they have a good understanding of the study programs that are offered at EPFL and the career opportunities that exist in ever more interdisciplinary fields.


Interface with schools and institutions

Through various internal and external collaborations, the Interface with schools and institutions, managed by the Education Outreach Department, works to strengthen the dialogue with schools as well as the educational guidance services, in order to facilitate the transition to studies at EPFL.

Study programs promotion

By reaching out to prospective students, the Education Outreach Department’s main mission is to ensure the visibility of EPFL study programs, consolidate their positioning and communicate on the range of opportunities that contribute to the richness and quality of the curricula offered.

International outreach

In order to offer EPFL students a wide choice of study destinations abroad and enable students from partner institutions to come to EPFL, the Education Outreach Department is committed to establishing exchange and double degree partnerships, strengthening its international networks and sharing best practices.

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