1st EuroTech Partner Days, 22-23 September 2019, EPFL Campus

On behalf of the EPFL Vice Presidency for Education, the Education Outreach Department hosted the very first edition of the EuroTech Partner Days at the EPFL campus in the framework of the school’s 50th anniversary. Members of the EuroTech Alliance and their partners had the opportunity to network, brainstorm, learn, have fun, mingle, and promote their institution while discovering a world-class campus.

During the International Fair, which was held on the second day, the members of the EuroTech Alliance and their partners also had the opportunity to met EPFL students interested in pursuing an exchange in their institutions.

Review 2019 and Preview 2021

Detailed Program of the Two-Day Event 2019

Browse the detailed program of Sunday 22 and Monday 23 September 2019

EuroTech Partner Days in 2021 at DTU

The EuroTech Alliance Members will gather again to share knowledge and experiences on international education!

2019 International Fair © Alain Herzog