Master info days 26+27.02.2025

Discover the range of Master’s degrees offered at EPFL, design a study plan based on their prerequisites and consider enriching your curriculum with a minor. These two days are dedicated to promoting EPFL Master’s degrees and include a combination of presentations and booths.

Shape your future

Discover the range of possibilities offered by EPFL Master’s degrees thanks to presentations and information booths.

In order to allow Bachelor’s students to make an informed choice for their future Master’s degree and to design their study plan accordingly, the Education Outreach Department in collaboration with the EPFL Schools and Colleges is offering you a two-day event dedicated to the promotion of Master’s degrees. Each program will be presented in the form of a conference, and program representatives as well as students will be available to discuss requirements for admission.

This event will also be an opportunity to explore the wide range of possibilities offered by Master’s cycle: orientations, disciplinary or interdisciplinary minors, or double degrees – flexibility is at the forefront at this level of EPFL’s curriculum.

Program 2025 under construction. Discover the 2024 program

Wednesday 28 February from 17:30: Presentations

Statistics – CO 1
Civil Engineering – CO 2
Minors overall presentation – SG 1
Life Sciences Engineering – CO 1 (cancelled)
Nuclear Engineering – CO 2
Computer Science / Communication Systems / Data Science / Cyber Security – SG 1
Microengineering – CO 1 (Video)
Molecular and Biological Chemistry / Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology – CO 2
Neuro-X – CO 3
Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship – SG 1
Quantum Science and Engineering – CO 1
Electrical and Electronic Engineering / Micro- & Nanotechnologies for Integrated Systems – CO 2

Minors overall presentation

Wednesday 28 February from 18:15, SG 1

With about ten interdisciplinary minors and twice as many disciplinary minors, EPFL students have many opportunities to complete their education with thematic modules and thus diversify their profiles according to their interests and professional aspirations.

How do minors fit into a Master’s degree? What are the prerequisites and how can they be combined with the various programs offered by EPFL? This presentation, offered by AVP Education, will answer all of these questions to help students design their future study plan.

Thursday 29 February from 17:30: Presentations

Computational Science and Engineering – SG 1 (Video)
Sustainable Management and Technology – SG 1 (Video)
Materials Science and Engineering – CO 123
Robotics – SG 1
Energy Science and Technology – CO 1
Sustainability – CO 2
Financial Engineering – CO 3
Digital Humanities – CO 123
Mechanical Engineering – SG 1
Environmental Sciences and Engineering – CO 1

Sustainability in the EPFL curriculum

Thursday 29 February from 19:15, CO 2

What role does sustainability play in the EPFL curriculum? Is it possible to develop expertise in this field? While there is no longer doubt that the contribution of scientists, engineers and architects is crucial to designing a sustainable future, EPFL is offering ever more opportunities to learn about the subject through Master’s programs, minors, specializations and projects. This presentation will provide students with an overview of the concrete possibilities offered by EPFL’s Master’s study plans.

Master’s programs

EPFL offers 29 Master’s programs. They are designed to be flexible and give students the opportunity to customize their curricula according to their aspirations. The programs are distributed among the five faculties and two colleges that make up the School.


Avec une dizaine de mineurs interdisciplinaires et le double de mineurs disciplinaires, les étudiantes et étudiants de l’EPFL ont de nombreuses possibilités de compléter leur formation par un bloc thématique et d’ainsi diversifier leur profil selon leurs intérêts et leur aspirations professionnelles.

Double degrees

Double degrees and joint Master’s degrees are demanding and selective programs that offer talented students the opportunity to develop skills that complement those acquired in the basic training of their home institution, at national or international level.

Admission requirements and registration

Information about admission to a Master’s program at EPFL.