Meet EPFL representatives

EPFL regularly takes part in education fairs and information sessions throughout the world. Students, alumni or representatives from various departments and sections of the School are available to answer all your questions and give you advice according to your needs.

In Switzerland

If you are interested in a Bachelor’s study program at EPFL, we strongly encourage you to attend the Information days, organized each year on EPFL’s campus in Lausanne. You also have the opportunity to meet students or EPFL representatives at other events or information sessions, according to the lists below.

  • ETH Zürich Besuchstage, Zürich (ZH), 06-07.09.23
  • ZEBI-Studienmesse, Luzern (LU), 12.11.23
  • Ask! Studienmesse, Baden (AG), 12.11.22
  • EPFL Information days, Lausanne (VD), 22-24.11.23
  • Sportech, Tenero (TI), 25-27.01.23
  • Maturierenden-Messe, Bern (BE), 30.03.23
  • Info-Abend, Universität Basel (BS), 31.08.22
  • Journée de présentation, Collège Calvin (GE), 04.11.22
  • Forum Formation, Sierre (VS), 07.02.23
  • Forum Bildung, Siders (VS), 08.02.23
  • Forum Horizon, UNIL, Lausanne (VD), 09-10.02.23
  • OrientaTI, Lugano (TI), 14-15.02.23
  • Perspectiva, UNIFR, Fribourg (FR), 15.02.23
  • Forum Lycée cantonal de Porrentruy (JU), Nov. 2023
  • Gymnasium Muttenz (BL), 26.09.22
  • Gymnasium Hofwil (BE), 09.11.22
  • Kantonsschule Solothurn (SO), 22.11.22
  • Gymnasium Lerbermatt (BE), 22-23.11.22
  • Gymnasium Oberwil (BL), 18.01.23
  • Gymnasium Thun (BE), 24.01.23
  • Gymnasium Biel-Seeland (BE), 30.01.23
  • Gymnasium Neufeld (BE), 01.02.23
  • Gymnasium Burgdorf (BE), 08.02.23
  • Gymnasium Kirchenfeld (BE), 09.05.23
  • Re-Member Meets Talents, KS Kreuzlingen (TG), 16.05.23
  • Forum des Unis, Gymnase français de Bienne (BE), June 2023
  • Salon interjurassien de la formation, Delémont (JU), 23-27.03.22
  • BEA Messe, Bern (BE), 29.04-08.05.22

Every year, EPFL welcomes you on its campus for this key event. Come and discover the School’s study programs, its student community, teaching staff and research teams, all the services available to new students, as well as the numerous associations in charge of social and cultural life on campus.

Individual exchange with EPFL students

You can sign up for a one-on-one exchange with students. Based on your profile (interests, background, language), we will put you in direct contact with the appropriate person.
Anmeldung auf Deutsch / Iscrizione in italiano

Watch videos featuring EPFL Bachelor’s and Master’s students, who are presenting not only their study programs but also their everyday lives and their experiences on campus.


If you have any questions, please contact the Education Outreach Department:

[email protected]

Centre Midi – CM2 348
Station 10
CH – 1015 Lausanne

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