Your own mobile robot

Design, build and control your own mobile robot. This is what this pre-university week, organized by the EPFL Education Outreach Department, offers to high-school students.

Learn how to connect electronic components, program a microcontroller and create 3D models.

During this pre-university week, participants will dive into the theory and application of mobile robotics using the micro:bit board to conceptualize, design and build their own robot.

The theoretical and practical sessions will allow them to first acquire the knowledge and skills, then immediately put them into practice to program and build a microcontroller using Python.

While applying what they learned about sensors, motion control and machine learning, they will be able not only to improve the mobile robot’s design, navigation and capacities, but also to teach it specific behaviors.

Practical information

Where and when
June 27-30, 2022 at EPFL (Lausanne) – The pre-university weeks will of course take place in strict compliance with the sanitary measures in force at that time
Motivated high school students with some experience in programming (any language)
Teaching staff
Dr A. Dame accompanied by EPFL students
CHF 50.- (excl. VAT). Lunches are included but the participants have to cover their housing and living expenses. Rooms are pre-booked at the Jeunotel in Lausanne until May 16, 2022. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested
Online registration is closed
Please contact the Education Outreach Department for any question: [email protected]