Rafael Reiss and his field equipment by Lake Geneva. ©  Alain Herzog/EPFL

Deepwater renewal in Lake Geneva in light of climate change

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EPFL scientists have studied two mechanisms that can help bring oxygen to the depths of a lake – essential for preserving the lake’s ecosystem. The classical deepwater renewal caused by surface cooling during winter is becoming less efficient due to climate change, especially in deep lakes.

Baptiste Calliari (à gauche) et Timothée Faes (à droite) font de la traction animale à l'aide de la jument Anika © Ferme de Bassenges

Baptiste Calliari (à gauche) et Timothée Faes (à droite) font de la traction animale à l’aide de la jument Anika © Ferme de Bassenges

The Bassenges Farm: low-tech agriculture at a high-tech campus

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At the Bassenges Farm, six devoted women and men are bringing their vision of sustainability to the EPFL and UNIL campuses, giving low-tech agriculture – without pesticides – a chance to thrive.


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