Equipment and Centers Management Office

The unit coordinates the acquisition of major scientific equipment at EPFL, manages financial aspects of large research projects and oversees the management of technological platforms and of transdisciplinary and inter-instituional entitites. It reports directly to the Associate Vice Presidency for Centers and Platforms, which is part of the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs.


The missions of the Equipment and Centers Management Office are (i) to ensure that all major scientific equipement bought at EPFL follow the right process and answer a real need for the community, (ii) to ensure the financial reporting of large national research projects, namely the NCCR Robotics and NCCR Marvel projects, (iii) to implement good transversal and operational practices for EPFL centers, which report to the Vice Presidency for research.


Research infrastructure

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Centers management

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Equipment funding and acquisition

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Pierre-Yves Bolinger

Head of the Equipment and Centers Management Office 

Av. Auguste-Piccard 1

CH – 1015 Lausanne

Contact: [email protected]

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