Personalized Grant Writing Services

In the preparation phase of your grant application, we offer three different types of support tailored to your specific needs (see Table below for specifications):

Essential service for all grant applications, with support applicable to any funding scheme.

Targeted advice on specific grant schemes and final proposal review of the grant proposal (available on a first come first served basis). This proofreading (or “prescreening”) includes general feedback to clarify certain sections and check whether the different sections are properly addressed.

Highly customized service aiding with structuring and copy editing the proposal critically, with the goal to convey research ideas more clearly (available on a first come first serve basis). Services offered for both individual and collaborative grants:

  1. Individual grants: particularly geared towards early-career EPFL collaborators with few grant writing experience, such as those applying for Fellowship Programmes (e.g. Ambizione, SNSF Mobility fellowships), or Individual Grants (e.g. SNSF Starting Grants). It is nonetheless also available for project funding (SNSF project funding) and for more experienced scientists (such as those applying for SNSF Consolidator or Advanced Grants);

  2. Collaborative grants: assistance with coordination of large project proposals and management of the consortium at the pre-award phase, with the aim of overcoming reluctance of researchers to seek 3rd party funding through large collaborative proposals due to the management burden. This service is for large collaborative projects which EPFL is leading, such as in Federal Office calls (e.g. SWEET), InnoSuisse Flagship or SNSF Sinergia projects.


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