Innosuisse-funded project implementation

Implementation of Innosuisse-funded projects requires thorough administrative effort.

The Research Office assists researchers throughout the duration of their project, particularly with the contractual and financial aspects.

Find more details on the specific steps of Innosuisse project implementation below.

When your project get approved, the Research Office offers an overview of administrative and financial obligations linked to your grant, and introduce tools that are relevant to the management of your grant.

After 6-8 months, an interim meeting will ensure all administrative and financial measures are in place to support the ongoing project.

In order to finalize the funding contract, the research agreement with the industrial partner and the intellectual property declaration form must be provided.

We are at your service to advise on the eligibility of  costs.

We help you with the registration, submission and validation of hours reporting on Chronos.

Amendments to the grant agreement can be needed for various reasons, such as an adjustment in project costs or a project extension request. When additional funds are requested, a milestone report may be necessary.

Once a year, a financial report is expected by Innosuisse, including a final report at the end of the project. Each partner must prepare a separate financial report with associated documents/evidence.

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