Conflict of interest

EPFL is committed to maintain the public’s trust in the fact that research is independent and objective as well as conducted according to the highest ethical and scientific standards.

EPFL directive

The EPFL Directive on the management of the conflict of interest (LEX 4.1.1) defines the rules and responsibility applicable to such cases. Do not hesitate to contact the HR Department or the TTO as soon as possible if you have any question on such matters.

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When professors or employees of EPFL exercise an ancillary activity privately, it is necessary to clarify the issue of potential conflicts of interest.

When EPFL professors or employees participate in the creation and development of a start-up, it is necessary to clarify the question of potential conflicts of interest.

EPFL aims at promoting U.S. Grants submissions. It is however important to take contact with the Research Office as soon as you have a project idea. Indeed, the projects must follow ethical rules fixed by EPFL and export law policies fixed by SECO.

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