Events on research funding and management

These events on research funding organised by the EPFL Research Office are open to the EPFL community and/or to external participants.

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Here you can find all the past and upcoming events organized by the ReO with all the necessary information to register and the associated documentation (Use your @epfl email address to login).

Upcoming events

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09.10.2023BRIDGE PoC information sessions in 2023

All past events

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DateTitle / Documents
29.08.2023Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship – Information session
16.05.2023BRIDGE PoC information sessions in 2023
16.02.2023SNSF Spark Applicant Workshop
08.02.2023Information Session – Bridge Discovery
02.02.2023Rencontre Personnel Administratif et Research Office
27.01.2023Rencontre Personnel Administratif et Research Office
17.01.2023Applicant workshop – Innosuisse
01.12.2022SNSF Starting Grant Applicant Workshop
07.11.2022Humanitarian Action Challenges Info Session
20.10.2022EPFL Day of International Research
04.10.2022Information session – U.S. federal grants
15.09.2022EPFL Foundations Days
07.09.2022SNSF Ambizione Applicant Workshop
01.09.2022Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship
29.06.2022Applicant workshop – Cyber-Defence Fellowships
31.05.2022Applicant workshop – Innosuisse
10.05.2022Applicant workshop – BRIDGE PoC
26.04.2022Course – Proposal writing for Postdoc
05-07.04.2022Information session – Rencontre Personnel administratif et ReO
16.03.2022Information session – SNSF Consolidator Grant
15.03.2022Information session – ORD call ETH Domain
11.03.2022Information session – All-you-need-to-know about SNSF project funding
10.03.2022Information session – PHRT 7th Call for proposals
03.02.2022Information session – U.S. grants
25.01.2022Applicant workshop – Cyber-Defence Fellowships
25.01.2022Information session – BRIDGE Discovery
18.01.2022Information session – Tech4Trust: Swiss and EU Support to Startups
14.01.2022Information session – QSE Collaborative Research Fellowships
08.09.2021SNSF Ambizione et PRIMA applicant workshop
03.09.2021Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Info session
30.06.2021Information Session on Postdoctoral Mobility Funding Opportunities
17.06.2021Horizon Europe @ EPFL
01.06.2021Innosuisse Applicant workshop
18.05.2021Balance research and childcare funding and opportunities
06.05.2021US Grants Info Session
04.05.2021BRIDGE PoC Applicant workshop
20.03.2021Information session – PHRT – 5th Call for proposals
16.03.2021Asian Funding Series
04.03.2021Innosuisse Information session @EPFL
18.02.2021Assistant-es admin SV – workflow mutations et CDC
16.02.2021BRIDGE Discovery Information session
16.11.2020DOD Matchmaking event
08.10.2020US Grants Information Session
13.02.2020EPFL Swiss Federal Offices Day


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