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Translating cutting-edge knowledge into skills that respond to the evolving needs of learners, the economy, and society.
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EPFL Extension School is responsible for extending access to the EPFL’s teaching and resources with a highly relevant, agile and holistic lifelong learning offering including the development of strategic priorities to ensure we meet the evolving requirements for lifelong learning and the future of work.

All of our programs are developed and delivered in collaboration with the Formation Continue UNIL-EPFL, a foundation that groups together the continuing education activities of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the EPFL.

Reskilling & Upskilling Priorities

Digitalization and Technology Design

Prepare to embrace the future of work with digital upskilling solutions addressing Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence including Ethics and Law, Imaging and more.

Industry Transform­ation and Healthcare

Explore new perspectives and technological opportunities with particular focus on 3D Printing, Advanced Manufacturing, Personalized Healthcare, Neurotechnology and Neuroprosthetics.

Sustainability and Green Transition

Accelerate the green transition with upskilling opportunities including Environmental Engineering, Green Mobility and Renewable Energy Systems.

Why choose EPFL Extension School?

Learn from internationally renowned professors

EPFL is among the most prestigious universities in the world for the quality of its education and research and this underlies all our lifelong learning courses.

Upskill at the scientific forefront

EPFL is home to over 500 laboratories and research groups, each working at the forefront of science and technology. We have a goal to better understand our world and we aim to improve it through agile and relevant lifelong learning programs.

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Join the drivers of innovation

EPFL is a key player in innovation in Switzerland. It promotes innovation activities with industry, sets up new programs to encourage entrepreneurship and new thematic initiatives to strengthen collaboration with businesses.

Featured programs

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A high-impact EMBA program at one of the world’s most vibrant technology institutions. The EPFL EMBA focuses on providing a bridge between the technology strength of EPFL and the international business community.

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Applied Data Science: Machine Learning (COS)

Gain hands-on experience in one of the hottest areas of data science. Develop the skills for data acquisition, transformation and predictive analysis.

Value Chain Data Technologies (CAS)

This program aims to bridge the digital gap for experienced professionals to be catalysts for innovation by bringing ideas and shaping new business models.

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Share your needs

Book a call with our partnerships manager to discuss your upskilling needs and learn more about how EPFL Extension School can support you and your organization to build a future-ready workforce.

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Create lifelong connections

Build connections, share real-world experiences, get access to highly relevant content, stay in touch with thought leaders and much more.

Shape the future

We work with SMEs, multinationals, associations and government bodies to shape the future of lifelong learning and bridge the skills gap in Switzerland as well as further afield.


A dedicated team of lifelong learning specialists are ready to accompany you throughout your journey at EPFL! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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