Sustainable Resilient Value Chains

Our main assets

– Legacy of over 30 years of teaching professionals in global supply chain management

– More than 1’200 graduates representing 75 nationalities from 5 continents

– Partnerships with leading international companies, academic institutions and NGOs

Our mission is to educate experienced operations professionals to become catalysts for positive change. We develop motivated individuals with the necessary mindset, technological understanding, and essential tools to obtain impactful results.

What lies at the heart of our approach?

We focus on the intersection between resilience, agility and sustainability in a human-centric approach to designing smart manufacturing & sustainable supply networks. Industry 5.0 demands that we leverage technology to create trusted data, transparency, connectivity and visibility across all stakeholders in order to balance environmental footprint and social impact with progress.

Alumni testimonial
Alvaro Amo

What struck me in particular was the vast and varied experience of the professors, visiting industry leaders and my fellow participants. The team working behind the scenes is really dedicated to curating a group of people that can bring out the best in each other. I really enjoyed the shared learning and networking. Every person I met brought their own rich and diverse experience with them and we had many deep exchanges throughout. It’s always a two way road so get ready to challenge and be challenged! I think what these programs really excel at is ensuring that we as people and professionals are always at the center, regardless of how technical and deep the subject at hand is. If we as people don't know how to implement it, then what's the point. Right?

Alvaro Amo, Vice President Global Logistics, Geosystems at Hexagon AB


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