About Us

Our vision

Experienced operations professionals are critical catalysts


wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries


smart secure data management,

systems thinking decision making,

& collaborative change leadership

The EPFL SRVC Approach

SRVC is the Sustainable Resilient Value Chains unit of EPFL Executive Education at the College of Management of Technology. It offers a suite of innovative Certificates of Advanced Studies, building up to a Master of Advanced Studies.

It is a concept designed to address the need for “Twin Transition”; i.e. both digital transition and green transition, driven by cross functional and cross industry management, the doers and the dreamers.

This is a new chapter following 3 decades of teaching Global Supply Chain Management at EPFL. The evolution involves an expansion to bring full Value Chain Management and Systems Thinking expertise to professionals, enabling them to become agents of sustainable development within their organizations.

Our valued community of industry and academic experts remains. Nothing changes for our EPFL Alumni, partners and lecturers.

We believe that the people in the diverse roles along the complete value chain are in a unique position to concretely make changes for a sustainable end to end value network.

SRVC has a mission to teach participants how to redesign human-centric manufacturing & supply networks fit for Industry 4.0/5.0. Whether in everyday small decisions or as present or future leaders, SRVC graduates can bring positive change.  We will constantly remind participants of the leverage that they have in any role touching the value chain.

The goal is to inspire our participants to leave SRVC with the belief that one person can make a difference to build a better future for people, our plant and our economy. We ask participants to represent the values of SRVC throughout their careers as proud and responsible EPFL-Executive Education SRVC Alumni.

Our mission statement

Driving industry and individuals to design human-centric smart manufacturing and sustainable supply networks.

Who we are

The Executive Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) are awarded by EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), one of world’s most prestigious universities, renowned for its technology innovation and research & development. They provide all participants with the know-how and the competence necessary for the planning and implementation of responsible value chain transformation at both strategic and operational levels.
EPFL Executive Education is based at the College of Management of Technology.

The CAS we propose are part of a suite of programs towards Sustainable Resilient Value Chains (SRVC), which encompass the foremost principles of Circular Economy and transversal enabling technologies in the realm of Smart Manufacturing. This suite of novel programs benefits from our experience in teaching cutting edge Global Supply Chain Management theory for more than 30 years and is powered by renowned academic and industry experts.

We are unique in offering young and senior executives a comprehensive value chain education from well-established academic research professors from internationally renowned universities for both technology and business. Equal importance is placed on learning from senior management practitioners at our partner organisations. These include international corporations, as well as young companies born at the EPFL Innovation Park. Our learning approach is blended (in class + remote learning), collaborative, hands-on and based on the latest research in pedagogical best practices.