An international university

Ranked among the best institutions of technology in the world, EPFL emphasizes innovation, interdisciplinarity and diversity at all levels of teaching and research. Through targeted international collaborations, the School cultivates these dimensions and strongly encourages international mobility of students in order to provide them with a unique and enriching experience at both academic and personal levels.

Coming to EPFL as an exchange student provides an excellent opportunity to develop projects and build a network in a top-class scientific institution, while discovering Switzerland and Europe. EPFL also offers its students and researchers numerous possibilities for academic exchanges and collaborations with partner institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

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Coming to EPFL

Every year, EPFL welcomes students from all over the world, whether as part of a university exchange semester or year, for their Master’s thesis or other lab projects, or in the context of a double diploma or a joint degree.

Studying abroad

EPFL encourages mobility among its students, whether through a traditional exchange, the completion of a Master’s thesis in a partner institution, or the participation in a double diploma or joint degree.

International outreach

International outreach is part of EPFL’s DNA in many aspects. The School engages in the international education community to build key partnerships, strengthen its international networks and share best practices with its peers.