Study Abroad

The EPFL encourages mobility among its students, whether in traditional exchanges or through the completion of a master’s thesis in a partner institution. Apart from discovering new educational systems and teaching techniques, both of which give real added value to your academic career, you will gain international experience and master another language, therefore enabling you to significantly enhance your employability and impress future employers.

Leaving your comfort zone and setting ambitious objectives will allow you to know yourself better and become more autonomous. Building a network of useful contacts for your future, experiencing other cultures and widening your vision of the world will also open up new possibilities.


The Education Outreach Department manages the inter-institutional partnerships and works hand in hand with the Academic Service’s (SAC) Mobility Office. In charge of all practical aspects relating to student mobility, it works hard to make exchanges a success.

Each section also has a mobility coordinator to advise on the academic aspects of an exchange and the development of individual study plans.

During the third year of a Bachelor degree course, the EPFL offers students the chance to study abroad at one of its numerous partner universities. Advantages include the fact that the credits obtained from such an exchange are recognised and normal studies remain uninterrupted.

The EPFL allows its students to complete their university courses abroad while completing their Master’s project in either a partner or non-partner university.

The EPFL offers certain students, selected on the basis of their marks, the opportunity to follow a dual or combined degree course, which enables them to continue their studies and obtain two degree certificates.

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International Fair

The Education Outreach Department and the Mobility Office look forward to welcoming you at its Fall International Fair to present various student exchange destinations.