Useful information


We recommend to inquire whether a visa is needed to enter the country of destination. An application procedure can take several months and also depends on students’ nationality. It is therefore suggested to start the procedure early enough.

Before starting a visa application, ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return to Switzerland.

Health insurance

Contact your insurance company to ensure you will have healthcare coverage abroad. It is also recommended to acquire a repatriation clause in the contract.

In certain cases it is also possible, or even mandatory, to contract an insurance in the host country. The host institution should be able to provide the necessary information in this regard.

Third party liability insurance

Prior to your departure, EPFL highly recommends that you subscribe to or verify that your private third party liability insurance covers damages you may cause during your exchange in Switzerland or abroad.


Request your International SOS membership card for your travel abroad.

Registration at EPFL and the host university

You will keep your EPFL registration during your exchange and will have access to your EPFL e-mail address. At the beginning of each semester, you will have to validate the academic registration form on IS-Academia and pay the semester fees at EPFL. At the same time, you will be registered at your host university but will not pay semester fees there. At some host universities, you will have to pay fees for insurance, access to sports facilities and so on.

Rules at the host institution

The regulations of the host university will apply to your studies during your exchange (e.g. course and exam registration, use of facilities, intellectual property, etc.).

Your host university will inform you of the rules and codes of conduct applicable at their institution, which will apply to you during your exchange.

Institutions have the right to terminate the exchange should the exchange student breach any laws, regulations or policies of the host university, or if the latter deems the exchange student’s behavior inappropriate to continue the exchange.