Inquire about a student exchange

How to inform yourself and hear from other students

Are you interested in a student exchange program?

Do you wish to get more information on conditions and registration procedures, or to hear from other students about their experiences?

The next edition of the Study Abroad Fair, organized by the Student Exchange Office together with the Education Outreach Department, will take place in October 2024. At this event you will also be able to network with EPFL students who have been on an exchange in the past years, as well as students from partner universities currently on exchange with us.

You can find the presentation (in French only) given by the Student Exchange Office at the occasion of the Study Abroad Fair 2023 and organized by the Student Exchange Office and the Education Outreach Department.

The next edition for students in the 2nd Bachelor year will take place in October 2024.

In addition, your section will invite you to a specific information session that will take place between mid-October and mid-November.

During the information session organized by your section, the academic exchange advisor will inform you of the course requirements which are specific to your section, as well as exceptions or requisites in certain partner universities.

You are responsible to verify the access to the courses of the host university before the departure and during the exchange.

EPFL cannot guarantee access to the courses required by your section in the host university and is not in a position to refund any costs taken to organize the exchange if the exchange is cancelled.

Certain universities have particularities which could influence your choice. We invite you to take note of these specificities in this file (in French only). This list is not exhaustive. It is updated with the information we receive from our partner universities or from students who are on exchange. It can change at any time.

Read about the experiences of EPFL exchange students from previous years in their exchange reports.

If you have more questions or wish to connect, do not hesitate to contact EPFL students who are currently on exchange, those from previous years, as well as students from partner universities currently on exchange with us.

No open reception hours at the moment, do not hesitate to write to us to request a meeting should you need one: [email protected]