EPFL is home to over 350 laboratories and research groups, each working at the forefront of science and technology. We have a goal to better understand our world and we aim to improve it.
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A diverse, committed and stimulating research community

Across its several campuses, EPFL has a diverse, committed and stimulating research community that is active over a wide spectrum of quantitative and design-focused disciplines. To foster trans-disciplinary research we launch strategic initiatives such as the Blue Brain Project, the Swiss Plasma Centre or the Venice Time Machine.

We address critical areas such as data science, personalised health, biomedical engineering, energy, robotics and advanced manufacturing, to engage in crucial societal challenges while ensuring that Switzerland remains at the cutting edge of modern technology.

Our research community and the science it produces are open to the world: we share the knowledge that we produce, we engage the general public and we have many collaborations and partnerships with other institutions and research laboratories.

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EPFL goes to New Zealand to study melting glaciers

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Four EPFL researchers will explore New Zealand's glacier-fed streams for two months, marking the first step in a global journey that will take them across 15 countries by 2021. Discover more about this unique expedition on the EPFL Out There blog.

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