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Fact sheets

Fact Sheet on Creative Commons & Open Science

This information guide contains questions and responses to common concerns surrounding open science and the implications of licensing data under Creative Commons licences. It is intended to aid researchers, teachers, librarians, administrators and many others using and encountering Creative Commons licences in their work.

Research Data Management Fast Guides

A number of guides compiled by the EPFL Library team, providing support to get a better understanding of research data management, point to appropriate tools and resources, and offer advice on a wide range of aspects

Practical aspects

How to License Research Data

This DCC guide will help you decide how to apply a licence to your research data, and which licence would be most suitable. It should provide you with an awareness of why licensing data is important, the impact licences have on future research, and the potential pitfalls to avoid.

Policy reports

Science as an open enterprise

This Royal Society report highlights the need to grapple with the huge deluge of data created by modern technologies in order to preserve the principle of openness and to exploit data in ways that have the potential to create a second open science revolution.

Open Science by Design

This report of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is aimed at overcoming barriers and moving toward open science as the default approach across the research enterprise. This report explores specific examples of open science and discusses a range of challenges, focusing on stakeholder perspectives. It is meant to provide guidance to the research enterprise and its stakeholders as they build strategies for achieving open science and take the next steps

Realising the potential

The final report of the UK Open Research Data Task Force is an overview of open research data policy and infrastructure landscape in UK.