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From open Town Halls to showcasing seminars, we wish to create a thriving environment that enables more collaborative, greater research

At EPFL, we believe that Open Science is everyone’s concern, from first-year Bachelor students to senior researchers, staff and services. 

We want to make sure everyone has a voice in shaping the science of tomorrow so that our research, education and innovation become more inclusive, trustworthy and impactful.

In 2023, the EPFL Open Science office is launching several series of events aimed at showcasing great OS projects on campus and beyond, consulting the community on how to best improve our practices and providing a flourishing environment that fosters debate and solutions.

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Town Hall series : EPFL imagines Open Science

The “EPFL imagines Open Science” series will take the shape of Open Town Hall events. It aims to provide an open space for the EPFL community to discuss different themes related to Open Science.

Its main objectives are to inform the community about the current state of the topic on campus and collect opinions and feedback to further develop EPFL’s Open Science strategy.

Let’s imagine Open Science together, as a community !

May 2023: Open Access publishing

Open access to knowledge should be the norm, and this starts with publication. Let’s rethink the way we share our work to the world. Details coming up soon.

EPFL OS Seminar series

One of the EPFL Open Science office’s missions is to promote and support Open Science projects on campus, and raise awareness of these flagship initiatives !

The EPFL OS Seminar series will present these exciting projects and reflect on what pursuing an Open Science entails for a research career and network.

More details up to come.

Partnerships with other events

In this section, you will find various kinds of events:

Research seminars

At the scale of schools or institutes, the EPFL community often invites world-class speakers to talk about their work. Sometimes, these speakers share an inspiring vision of Open Science, which is reflected through their work. We encourage the EPFL community to attend these seminars, which are of broader interest than just their particular research fields and help us expand our horizons on how to make better research!

Library events related to OS

The library offers many activities, from workshops to trainings, related to Open Science. You will find in this section all the current events they are providing to strengthen your OS skills !

And much more…

Past events

Friday Feb 3rd, 2023, 12PM | Joint Seminar: Institute of Civil Engineering and Open Science Seminar

Main developer of the very popular open-source meshing software “Gmsh”, Prof. Remacle revisits the interaction between the meshing community and the computational community with the X-MESH method. A seminar not only focused on civil engineering, but also interesting for the EPFL modeling community.