Project showcase

From internal and external grants to lab-led initiatives, these projects are pushing the boundaries of research and fostering a culture of openness and inclusivity. Dive in and explore the impressive array of projects and tools available to you !


This is a non-exhaustive list of EPFL initiatives, we will be updating it regularly. If your Open Science project is not showcased here and you would like to share it, please email us at [email protected]

Collaborative platforms

Materials Cloud

A virtual research environment for materials science, providing open access to data, software, and computational resources. It aims to accelerate the discovery and design of new materials.


An open database of experimental descriptions of solar to fuel devices published in peer reviewed academic literature

A knowledgebase to facilitate the exchange of best practices related to micro- and nanofabrication, including both positive and negative results.


A collaborative portal to analyze single-cell transcriptomics data.

Open Source Software

Scala Center

A non-profit organization established to advance the Scala programming language and its ecosystem. It focuses on education, research, and community development to promote the use of Scala in industry and academia.


open source Python package designed for the maximum likelihood estimation of parametric models in general, with a special emphasis on discrete choice models.


DeepLabCut is an open-source software tool for markerless tracking of body parts in 2D and 3D, primarily used in the field of animal behavior research. It allows for accurate and efficient tracking of multiple body parts in video data and deep learning-based image analysis.


An open source tool to design optimum truss structures made of new and reused components


A high-performance rough-surface periodic contact code based on boundary and volume integral equations.


An open-source Python framework allowing scientists at any level to quickly prototype/deploy hardware accelerated and out-of-core computational imaging pipelines at scale.

Open Research Data

Urban Traffic Models through Massive Empirical Data

An open dataset aiming to create the most complete urban dataset to study congestion.

[In progress] Open access to Montreux Jazz Archive

This project aims to build a secure computation platform allowing anyone to perform open and reproducible research on the archive without copyright infrigement.

Open Educational Resources

Open Software Services for Classrooms and Research

A platform based on a collaborative environment to promote awareness and adoption of best practises in Open Science and computational thinking.

Open Hardware microscopy workshops

Dissemination activities in the form of open hardware microscopy workshops.

Additional resources from ENAC (School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering) can be found here.


EPFL Open Science Fund

In September 2018, the Open Science Fund – an EPFL-driven funding initiative to support the best Open Science ideas on campus – was launched. With a total of CHF 3 Mio over the period 2019-2021, it enabled the development of 18 independent projects. Learn more about these Open Science Champions.

The program is currently put on hold, while EPFL takes part in the ETH domain Open Research Data program. This program offers grants for projects at various level of maturity.

Also check out all ongoing Open Science funding calls.