EPFL Open Science Fund

At EPFL, we want to support bottom-up ideas that make our research more open and reproducible.

The program at a glance

One of the missions of EPFL is to perform world-class research and disseminate the resulting knowledge and technologies as broadly as possible to maximize their impact on the research of others, and on society at large. However, there are several cultural and technological barriers that make it hard to openly share some of the research outputs.

In order to overcome these barriers and promote open and reproducible research at EPFL through the bottom-up adoption of best practice in research management and knowledge dissemination, the Presidency has decided to dedicate a total of CHF 3 Mio over the period 2019-2021 in the form of an Open Science Fund.


The EPFL Open Science Fund supports projects that explicitly aim at increasing the use of tools and best practice in research management, as well as lowering the technical, social, and cultural barriers that prevent scientists from sharing knowledge with other researchers, and ultimately with anyone outside of the academic community.


This fund is specifically dedicated to projects leading to the development and adoption of innovative ways of making research robust, accessible and reusable, via the curation and dissemination of valuable and original research outputs in all possible forms: scholarly publications, data files of all kinds, associated metadata, software and hardware, experimental setups, methods and instruments, etc.


All EPFL entities are strongly encouraged to apply. This includes research units, platforms, centers, administration of schools or departments, as well as central services. Proposals describing collaborations between two or more of these different units will be judged particularly favorably.

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Call for proposals

There is no call open at the moment. The next call for proposals will open in September 2019.

Funded projects

Projects funded through the 2018 call will be announced on February 1st!


Contact us if you have any questions regarding this funding opportunity.

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