EPFL Open Science Fund

In September 2018, EPFL President Martin Vetterli announced the creation of the Open Science Fund to support the best ideas from everyone on campus with a total of CHF 3 Mio over the period 2019-2021.

Nearly 50 applications were submitted to the first call for proposals opened between mid-September and mid-December 2018. After careful evaluation, eight projects were selected by the members of the open science strategic committee, joined for the occasion by representatives of the various faculties. You can find a short description of the laureate ideas below.

Providing support for bottom up ideas

 Over the past few years, the open science movement has gained momentum and today regroups a multitude of initiatives all aiming at lowering the barriers to knowledge dissemination. One important aspect of the movement is the realization that the digital revolution impacts academia as much as the rest of society and requires scientists to adapt. New tools and best practices in data management and research documentation need to be explored with the aim to make the research results more robust, reproducible, accessible and reusable.

Of the missions of EPFL is to perform world-class research and disseminate the resulting knowledge and technologies as broadly as possible to maximize their impact on the research of others, and on society at large. It is therefore important that everyone on campus continuously experiments with the best ways to produce and share research outputs of all possible forms: scholarly publications, data files of all kinds, the associated metadata, software and hardware, experimental setups, methods and instruments, etc.