Education and Science Outreach

Our initiatives are designed to provide high-school students who would like to attend EPFL with the advice and assistance they need so that they can begin their studies under the best possible conditions. These initiatives include information sessions and joint programs with high schools and other institutions. We also put on a wide range of academic and non-academic events to inform the broader public about recent advancements in science and technology – and to stimulate teenagers’ interest in fields like math, computer science, life science and engineering.

Events open to the public

We hold a variety of events where anyone interested in science can learn about the technology that EPFL is developing to address key societal challenges.

Schoolchildren aged 7–16

Our Science Outreach Department holds numerous extracurricular activities on EPFL’s campus and in other Swiss cities.

Primary- and secondary-school classes

Our Science Outreach Department offers a range of activities linked to subjects taught in Swiss primary and secondary schools in order to introduce schoolchildren to EPFL and the fields of science and engineering.

High school students

One of the missions of our Education Outreach Department is to promote EPFL degree programs, anchor our School’s positioning and build awareness about the many opportunities we offer that contribute to the quality and breadth of our students’ education.

EPFL students

Our Education Outreach Department gives EPFL students a wide range of opportunities to expand their horizons, learn about new fields and make informed decisions throughout their degree programs.

High school teachers

Our Education Outreach Department works with high schools to foster dialogue with teachers and help their students with the transition to university studies at EPFL.

Advisory services for cantons

We advise cantonal governments on their educational programs, in a partnership that we believe is essential for building close ties among our institutions, coordinating our teaching programs and helping students with the transition to EPFL.

Joint initiatives with other outreach programs

Our Education and Science Outreach Departments work closely with a number of foundations to promote STEM subjects, encourage talented young students and educate the next generation. We also host the local branches of some of these programs.

Key stakeholders

Education Outreach Department

Orientation tools and guidance for high-school students in their choice of a study program, Interface with schools and institutions. [email protected]

Science Outreach Department

Get more information about our science- and technology-oriented outreach events for young people and the general public. [email protected]

Euler Course

EPFL’s Euler Course is designed to help junior-high and high-school students across French-speaking Switzerland with a high aptitude in mathematics fulfill their potential. [email protected]