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EPFL technologies stem from breakthrough research in engineering, life and basic sciences. Every year over 50 technologies are transferred from EPFL to industry under exclusive or non-exclusive basis.
We negotiate with established companies or startups the transfer of EPFL intellectual property.


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EPFL encourages the transfer of research results to products and services through licencing.

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Available intellectual property

Variable Stiffness Fiber with Self-Healing Capability

Soft hardware technologies are increasingly used in devices intended for tasks requiring high dexterity or conformability such as manipulation, locomotion, rehabilitation and surgical operations.

Advanced alkaline electrolyzer incorporating electrocatalysts for water splitting

We demonstrate that advanced electrolyzers can have higher efficiencies (for example, twice higher as compared with similar operating conditions) by incorporating novel electrocatalysts in an innovative stack configuration.

PM20D1 and Alzheimer's Disease

Therapeutic and diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

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