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At EPFL we have a long tradition of collaboration with national and international industries to allow research results to span into economy and society.

EPFL scientific excellence is a driver for cutting-edge innovation and tailored partnerships are one very efficient approach to it. It encompasses research collaboration, technology transfer, visits and exchanges of key personnel. As a result, every year, EPFL laboratories collaborate with industry in over 200 agreements for research and service activities. We are convinced that the breakthroughs of the future will be done by linking transdisciplinary domains and facilitating the communication between people with different expertise and backgrounds. We are willing to contribute in bridging the innovation gap by inviting companies on and around its campus to further improve the innovation process. Our services are here to guide you in finding the best option for you to collaborate with our researchers. We look forward to learning more about your needs.


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Understand the different ways to set-up research collaboration with industry.

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Explore our available technologies, including patents and software, for commercial use.

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