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We work with EPFL researchers to turn their technologies into business opportunities that can benefit society - in particular by capturing and licensing EPFL’s intellectual property assets, managing collaborations with industry, and by accelerating the commercialization of early stage technologies.


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The association of professionals of technology transfer. Its goal is to promote and reinforce technology transfer in Switzerland


HEPTech is the high energy physics technology transfer network

“Data protection policies that seem clear are often ambiguous"

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A new EU regulation that went into effect in May has prompted consumers to pay more attention to how websites use the personal data they collect. With Polisis, an AI-based program developed at EPFL, consumers can get quick, easy-to-read summaries of websites’ data protection policies. And the program is becoming highly popular – EPFL’s Technology Transfer Office has received numerous license requests. Hamza Harkous, one of the software developers, is pleasantly surprised at its success and has just entered into a license agreement with US-based search engine DuckDuckGo. We spoke with Harkous about his one-of-a-kind program.